Color of Love ♥ Blog Hop

I'm excited to be participating and co-sponsoring in the Color of Love blog hop! In this hop, we are celebrating romance books featuring characters of color and the authors who write them.

Though my romance stories feature interracial characters, my main goal is to write a love story that resonates with everyone, despite their color. My heroines tend to be black because I can closely relate and it's fun to write characters that I can imagine me being. But we all come in lovely shades and colors and I enjoy reading a good romance no matter what color the heroine is.

Giveaway: There are some great prizes being offered (like gift cards and tons of books) so be sure to check the other blogs and join the fun!

About Because This Is Forever:
A call for help, a secret baby, and a compromise... What starts off as a temporary arrangement soon becomes a chance at rediscovery and becoming a family.

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Elf2060 said…
The Freedman and the Pharoah's Staff by Lane Heymont and Simone by Jamallah Bergman
Hush Puppy by Lisa Cresswell. very sweet story!
Bookswagger said…
So funny you are posting up Because This Is Forever, someone told me about this but I could not remember who are the name just what it was about...To funny gotta love a hop all kinds of good info.
Nana Prah said…
You're correct. writing a story of the heart is what really matters. The external is just our decoration. Thank you for participating in the Color of Love Blog hop.
Chynarey said…
Currently reading Because This is Forever by Lena Hart...
Thanks for joining the hop...
Of course, interracial stories are about much more than skin color. Thank you for being part of this hop.

Have a great weekend.
What a great hop! I've been introduced to several new-to-me authors! I'm looking forward to checking out your work! Thanks for being a part of the hop!
empibaryeh said…
I love IR romance where color isn't the main issue/conflict. I am just sooo tired of those. Rather I enjoy the clash of cultures.

Because This is Forever sounds like something I'd pick. I love secret baby stories
Wrong Man by Delaney Diamond